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Complete Solution in Aluminum Mesh Wire and Sheet

Juyi is a wholesaler and exporter of aluminium mesh products of China. Juyi exports aluminum wire, aluminum mesh cloth, screen, perforated and expanded sheets, aluminum fences and gratings.

Aluminum Meshes are supplied in the major processing forms of woven wire cloth, perforated or expanded aluminum sheet.

We deliver and export aluminum mesh, sheets and coils, while metal meshes in other materials including stainless steel and mild steel are also available.


Juyi Products Fall into Five Major Series:

Decorative & Architectural Mesh
Anti Slip & Flooring Sheet
Filter Mesh
Security & Building Materials
Wires & Miscellaneous


Safty Treads & Flooring Products

Slip resistant stair treads are available in open grating panels or metal mesh panels perforated or expanded. Tread plates are formed with nosings or formed to a channel.

Stair Tread / Floor Types:
Expanded Metal
Grating Style Flooring
Perforated Stair Treads ( Perforated Sheet, Dimple Plate and Checker Plate)

Materials worked with metal stair treads:
Stainless Steel

Slippery Resisting Metal Plates can serve as structural metal products in making of slip-resistant floor plates, tread plate, walk way and other forms.

Floor plates made of aluminum and stainless steel, find main uses in:
Anti-slip bridge decks
Industrial flooring
Floating docks
Lightweight conveyor covers
Metal deck
Non-skid metal walkways
Non slip flooring
Pedestrian walks
Pull box covers
Slip-resistant platforms
Stair treads
Trench covers

Expanded Metal Treads are easily retrofitted around any slippery existing stair, creating a safe, slip resistant staircase. Non-slip expanded metal stair treads are available in steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Perforated Stair Treads are mainly Checkered or Dimple Perforated Metal Planks.

Grating Stair Treads are mainly bar grates, press locked, serragated or welded.

Architectural Meshes

Architectural decoration and design projects applied metal meshes can be:
Perforated Mesh ( Perforated in round hole and other opening, slotted perforated, checkered, embossed);
Expanded Mesh;
Ring Wire Coils and Beads.

Architectural Metal Mesh shall meet the Following Requirements:

Thermal Movement Requirements
Cladding metal mesh shall be designed to resist thermal movement resulting from the maximum and minimum surface temperature differentials occurring. The design shall cater for all temporary and permanent conditions envisaged for the building and architectures projects.
Roof and Wall Cladding Panels made of Expanded or Perforated mesh works shall be capable of accommodating changes in dimension and shape of its components resulting from the varying surface temperatures without any reduction in the specified performance and appearance.

Moisture Conditions
The metal mesh materials shall withstand movement without deformation or any reduction in the specified performance, when applied to both interior and exterior decoration.

Interior Decorative Chain Mesh

Solar Performance Requirements
Exposure to sunlight, the metal sheet used as cladding or sunshading shall not result in degradation of appearance or performance.

Expanded Mesh Sun Shade

Specific Fire Performance Requirements
Aluminum Mesh Panels for architecture projects shall be not easily ignitable with low flame spread characteristics, and shall not produce excessive quantities of smoke or toxic gases. When applied for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Indoor Sound Control Panels

Durability & Maintenance
Aluminum and stainless steel materials are almost maintenance free.
Expanded Metal or Perforated panels shall not suffer bowing, dimpling, pillowing, rippling, warp, abrupt transitions and other visual deformation or irregularity.

Installation and Demountability
The modular panels are supplied for easy installation.
The cladding panels or mesh fabrics shall be individually and independently removable for maintenance and/or replacement of panels in the event of damage.
In general, the removal of panels shall not affect the performance or safety of any other part of the works.

Slotted hole perforated sheet aluminum, side staggered slots, slot length 2", slot width 1/2", end bar and side bar 1/4", 2" margins on all sides, sheet size 8'X4'.


AL Filter Mesh

Woven aluminum alloy mesh and micro mesh sheet are mainly used for filtration. Supplied in mesh rolls, coils and discs.


Building Materials

Aluminum Mesh is a widely used building hardware material. Specifically used as window screen netting, window and door security grid, gutter guarding system for buildings.


Fencing Products

We supply Highway Sound Barrier used for expressway, highway and traffic sound control. Another major fencing products are Perimeter Security and Ornamental Fencing for swimming pools, backyards, gardens and various borders.


Miscellaneous Mesh Products

Aluminum Mesh Gridwall Shelf

24" x 84" Gridwall made from 1/4" Aluminum Rod in Square Holes

Touch and Fan Guard

Expanded Aluminum Mesh for Touch and Light Guarding

Expanded Mesh Grille, Alumium, 2.0mm Thickness, 70% Open Area, for Fan Covering

Perforated Screen

Milling Screen

Aluminum punched plate grinding machine parts: Rice Mill Screen

Decorative Mesh for Chairs and Furniture Fabricating:

Decorative Mesh for Chair Fabricating
Perforated aluminum sheet (300 x 300 MM) with 3MM Diameter perforations and powdercoated RAL 5003 Saphire blue